About us

Estero Shipping and Trading Rotterdam BV was founded in 1971 and offers its customers worldwide access to the shipping industry. Our primary activities focus on coastal shipping and deep-sea transport of dry cargoes.


In recent years, Estero Shipping has developed into a Broker for the transport of various cargoes.   We not only offer support in the purchase of transport, but also monitor the entire process from loading place to unloading area. In addition, we keep our customers informed of market developments in order to keep them updated of what is going on and which external factors can influence their logistics issue when they conclude their sales contracts.


Thanks to our great commitment to our long-standing relationships, we have built up an excellent reputation within the shipping world over the past decades and we know exactly which factors  should be taken into account when transporting your cargo.


Through our collaboration with different parties, we are able to pick up every cargo worldwide and deliver it within Europe where ever required. We can offer our clients a total package where we unburden from quay to quay.